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Favourite Mozilla Extensions

created 2005-03-14 20:09:12

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  • SessionSaver: A must have for when you need to close your browser down
  • without losing all your tabs... (no longer needed with Firefox 2 - yay!)
  • Add N Edit Cookies: Easy editing/deletion/addition of cookies. Useful for debugging things.
  • delicious: Very nice integration, with support for multiple accounts and everything.
  • SwitchProxy: Flick between proxies quickly and easily - useful when Tor is running.

Less "essential", more "interesting"...

  • Greasemonkey: Client-side scripts overlaid on webpages. Doing lots of "interesting" things, may become "essential" depending on those scripts.
  • Platypus: Example of an "interesting" GM script - highlights HTML elements on mouseover, and lets you alter the style and save the style for next time you visit.
  • Annozilla: Swap comments with other web users.


  • Enigmail: PGP or GPG integration with the mail client
  • Tagzilla: Fantastic signature-management plug-in
  • Virtual Identity: Quickly change your sender details without fiddling in the Profile Preferences
  • Bork Bork Bork!: Heheheh. A Classic. (Also for Firefox)

Others to check out in future...

(See also: Mozilla Bookmark Merger )

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