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Organisational Chi

created 2005-02-03 10:51:54

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I think you can think of any group of people - a company, an organisation, a population etc - as a single body, and apply the principles of chi to it. This would mean that, rather than concentrating on what the group does, you focus on the enery that it has, and from that comes success of the group. In other words, the constituency of the group, the flow of energy (via communications) within it, et al dictates the success of the group's activities.

However, at the moment I know very little about chi, so I'm merely putting this page here to remind me.

Mid 20th century, |!DavidEaston| proposed that political activity is analagous to a biological system.

Also similar: Political Tai Chi.

See also: * Societies And Individuals Are Fractal


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