Hove Museum: Robot Invasion!

Yesterday I headed off to Hove Museum & Art Gallery with the boy to check out their “Robot Invasion!” exhibition, which runs for a couple more weeks.

I hadn’t been to the museum before, but spent some time having some lunch there while the boy slept. After he woke up, he was fully refreshed and ready for an afternoon of running around, pointing at all kinds of robotic fun.

One room had some great rayguns, artwork by Chris McEwan (whole also owns the robot collection, I think) and some of those “put your face here” things, which should surely find a place on Brighton seafront for geekier tourists…

After that we had a look round the rest of the museum, including their amazing “attic” of toys old and new, and the best-decorated lift I think I’ve ever been in.

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  1. looks great. We’ll be heading down there soon.

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